John loves to entertain

John loves to entertain
No matter how large or small the event

Friday, January 29, 2010

The man can also play guitar

John Scott is not only a Disc Jockey. His first musical love grew out of learning to play the saxophone at an early age when his dad requested that he learn to play "a real instrument" after John had begged for a guitar.

So, John learned the saxophone & quickly learned the guitar as well.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Joyful Sounds Christian DJ Service?

Joyful Sounds is St. Louis' premier Christian Disc Jockey Service, starting in 1991.

Joyful Sounds began when owner, John Scott, realized there was a need to have good clean fun at wedding receptions without offensive music. After all, most receptions have visitors that span the generations. And, who wants to offend Grandma?

Still, John Scott has gained the experience necessary to tailor-make every reception leaving the bride and the groom happy and having a good time.

Why is the name "Christian" in your name? Do you play Christian music at every event?
Joyful Sounds was established by John Scott, who is not only Christian in name but in character and lifestyle as well. He believes that proclaiming to be a Christian will mean that it is reflected in terms of a joyful celebration. After all, true joy comes from life Himself!

It is your reception, and you do not have to have anything played that you don't want to hear. But, it is John's desire to glorify Christ in everything he puts his hands to - Whether that means a 100% Christian music background or danceable event to a dancing party with a mix of upbeat Christian music with lyrically tasteful music mixed in. The idea is to have a party your guests will tell their friends about, not wake up the next morning wishing they hadn't attended. The ultimate idea is to bring true joy and celebration to any event.

You can reach Joyful Sounds at 636-978-8721 OR