John loves to entertain

John loves to entertain
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You can help send music to MIWI

Last year after many disappointments attempting to make becoming a worship leader a part to full-time career, John picked himself up from the bootstraps. Instead of accepting defeat and discouragement, he chose to re-invent the performance side of his life. Though, he had longed to take this in the direction of leading a congregation in worship to our Lord and Savior every weekend. He decided to use the musical talent God had given him and perform musical entertainment in nursing homes and retirement centers to brighten the days of those who may otherwise have very little "sunshine" in their days.

Last summer, John scheduled a few retirement centers and nursing homes for performances in Wisconsin. The family came along, and we enjoyed a working vacation. The trip was so successful that we have begun to book jobs In WI for next summer. In fact, we have decided to not only perform in WI this summer but up the coast of MI and Upper MI as well. We are calling this our MIWI tour. This is all very exciting, but the truth is that many of these homes and centers where John will be performing do not have he funds to pay for travel expenses. So, we are presenting this to our friends and family to raise some funds to cover the transportation end of this tour.

To do this, we have decided to offer a fundraiser. The company we have chosen to do this is a Christian-owned, debt-free company that offers candles, baking mixes, gift wrap, books and items for tweens/teens. They are called "Celebrating Home."

Take a look at what they offer, and let me know what you would like to order. Because the company is debt-free, they do not encourage the use of credit cards and ask that the items be paid for by check or cash. So, to make it convenient for you - When you place your order, send me your Paypal email address where I can send you an invoice for the purchase price. If you are not in the O'Fallon area, also add $5.00 to your order so I can ship it to you when it arrives.

The fundraiser will close on January 15, and your items should arrive for me to deliver them to you 9 days later. So, you should receive all of your order by the end of January - In time for Valentine's Day!

Take a look at what the company offers. Then, email me at: with your order! Please put FUNDRAISER IN THE SUBJECT LINE - THANKS for all your help!!!!!!

Great Tween/Teen Items / Soy Candles that burn 65 hours for $15 / Gift Wrap and Books / Baking Mixes for $12 including yummy blueberry sugar cookies AND Candles for $10:

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