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John loves to entertain
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Beatles, Christianity and the auction of photo from first Beatles US Concert

The Beatles are not considered a Christian group, nor were they ever signed to a Christian label. In fact, a large part of the music has a heavy spiritual message that is not Christian. However, they are also not a band that is considered anti-Christian by any means. Many churches have even used their songs or parodies of the songs to get across the message of the gospel.

The Beatles came onto the United States' music scene in 1964. They may not stimulate mathematical processing in the brain, but they did change the way music was played throughout America. By today's standards, their original sound was really quite basic. Heavy on guitar sound, the group was a sensation.

In July, one of their photos from their first concert will be auctioned off through Christies. You can find out more about this auction, the photo and the photographer here.

Much like Elvis impersonators, many musical groups have taken on the sound and look of the Beatles throughout the years. One such group is called Ticket To The Beatles!

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