John loves to entertain

John loves to entertain
No matter how large or small the event

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Am I Doing Trying To Record An Album - I Should Write A Comedy Show

Sitting down and trying to record an album, otherwise known as a CD or even a cassette tape would make me happy after all the silly little interruptions that have come up to keep me from success.  To explain would be tedious as most of the delays and problems come from silly issues that aren't even tangible.

For starters, I laid down some tracks on an old cassette tape.  I thought that would be the simplest and quickest way to do this.  I was wrong!  The tape garbled.  The tape got stuck inside a broken tape deck.  The tape deck is now headed for a recycling facility.  I then chose to use a CD.  I put the songs onto the CD and lost the CD.  This is just the beginning of silly little things keeping me from finishing this simple album.

When I am finished, perhaps I will be able to sell it.  Perhaps no one will care.  But, at least I'll know it will be the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears and none of it having to do with the music but the process.

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