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John loves to entertain
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Book Review Of We Be Big - Rick Burgess & Bill 'Bubba' Bussey with Don Keith

Break out the Kleenex. You'll need them as you read this book - We Be Big The Mostly True Story Of How Two Kids From Calhoun County, Alabama, Became Rick & Bubba by Rick Burgess & Bill "Bubba" Bussey With Don Keith - A New York Times Best-Selling Authors book. The book was provided to me through the Booksneeze program from Thomas Nelson. You'll be laughing tears as you read. Then, you'll turn the page to crying tears of sadness while rejoicing over God's overall plan and holiness.

At over 200 pages, it's an easy afternoon or weekend read as it will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read the very real happenings in the lives of two popular radio morning talk show hosts. To talk about the events of their lives would give away too much of the book. It's a must read and written in a tag-team, yo-yo manner where one chapter is all about Rick, followed by one about Bubba. This back and forth format continues much like their on-air back and forth discussions which leave an audience wanting more.

Though rooted in humor on their morning radio show, they also are very real with their listeners. The book is no different in it's description of life happenings that brought them to be the radio duo they became. The book will keep you on the proverbial "edge of your seat." Just when you think they have made the big time, it will take you for an unexpected tragic turn that was ultimately used to bring many people to give their lives for Jesus Christ.

Following is an excerpt from the first part of the eulogy which Rick Burgess presented as "God's ventriloquist" at his youngest son's funeral. The young boy drowned in a tragic accident in their backyard pool.


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