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John loves to entertain
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor gone at age 79

I saw the headlines today that Elizabeth Taylor is gone at age 79. I thought to myself, wow! The end of another icon of the big screen. She made tons of movies. She married many times. She stood up for causes. But, I realized I really don't know much about this woman at all.

Of course, she was famous for her sultry movies.
She was famous for her numerous marriages.
She was famous for standing with Michael Jackson in dire times.
She was famous for standing for other causes.

Those who knew her have said that she was very willing to help when she saw someone in need of an advocate. I realize when I think of her life that I am not quick to stand up as an advocate like she was. Perhaps it's because I have not attained to stage she had attained, so if I stand up for a cause, it makes very little difference without the vast platform she had. Still, I have been given my own little corner in which I can either light up or let grow darker.

What will you do with your stage, be it small or large? When all is said and done, will there be anyone grateful your paths crossed theirs like those who speak well of Elizabeth Taylor?

Farewell, Elizabeth Taylor!

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