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John loves to entertain
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Please Vote For The Loux Family For An Extreme Makover Home Edition

If you've never heard of him before, let me tell you who this is. Derek Loux was a worship leader for the Kansas City IHOP (International House of Prayer). Don't be confused. When I first heard the term IHOP, it made me hungry for pancakes. In fact, when we visited the St. Louis area IHOP which used to be held at Victory Church in south county, we just had to follow up with a stop to the restaurant after the prayer meeting thick in worship.

Derek Loux was killed in a car crash just 2 days before Christmas 2009. He and his wife were part of a mission to take in orphans. Now, his wife is raising 13 orphans alone in a 4-bedroom house near Kansas City.

Learn How To Nominate the Loux Family Here!

Read how you can help nominate them to receive an Extreme Makeover Home Edition! This family - wow! They need it. And, they have proven that they will truly be good stewards of what they receive. Oh - And, hurry! All nominations must be submitted by March 31, 2011. I know it takes time to read the rules and figure it all out. But, your reward is stored up for you in heaven. By nominating them, you are helping to look after orphans in their time of need - This is TRUE religion!

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