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John loves to entertain
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Emotions of Selling Childhood Toys - 1966 Captain Action from Ideal

It was a tough decision, but one that needed to be made.  I decided to sell some of my childhood toys to pay down some excessive debt.

These toys included a 1966 Ideal Captain Action complete with various outfits.  My dad, a former Marine, used to roll his eyes as he watched his son playing with - what he called - "a doll".  I would retort back, "Action figure, dad - Action figure."  He would just turn and leave the room.

These action figure "dolls" were so cool.  They do not make toys like this anymore.  This Captain Action had masks that were form-fitted for his face.  He could be batman, the Phantom, Super man, Spider man and change into many additional characters as desired.

These "dolls" allowed me to escape reality for a joyous afternoon with my friends.

The figures all sold on ebay for a price that made it worth my detachment and goodbyes.  Well, all but one set of extra Captain Action boots I had in the boxes, that I relisted for a small asking price to start the opening bid.  I can only hope they are headed for a good home.

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